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Sneak Peek Die!namite #4

PREVIEW: DIE!namite #4

At last the heroes of Earth, Barsoom, Drakulon and Hyborea have joined together for a last stand against the zombie plague in DIE!namite #4 from Dynamite Entertainment. The issue arrives on Wednesday.

Sneak Peek DIE!namite #3

PREVIEW: DIE!Namite #3

Vampirella arrives on Mars but it may be too late for her and Dejah Thoris to save Barsoom from the Zombiepowers in DIE!namite #3 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Die!namiate #2

[Preview] DIE!natmie #2

DIE!namite #2 drops at your LCS on Wednesay, but you don’t have to wait until then to check out the carnage in this sneak peek from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Die!Namite #1 Review 7.3

Die!Namite #1 Review

The season of frights is upon Dynamite, and everyone gets caught up in the occult madness.  Your Major Spoilers review of Die!Namite #1 from Dynamite Entertainment awaits!

Sneak Peek DieNamite #1

[Preview] DIE!namite #1

Dynamite Entertainment kicks off its big crossover event this week, and we have a preview of DIE!namite #1 that you can check out right now.