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Review 9.3

Incursion #4 Review

It’s a race against time as Gilad brings back a cure for Tama, and Imperatrix Virago moves in for the kill! How does it all work out? Find out in this review of Incursion #4 by Valient Entertainment.

Review Incursion #3 Review 9.3

Incursion #3 Review

Imperatrix Virago has invaded Earth, and Gilad has infiltrated Virago’s keep to find Syntilla. With all life on Earth hanging in the balance, who will succeed? Take the jump for our review of Incursion #3 from Valiant Entertainment.

Review Incursion #2 Review 10.0

Incursion #2 Review

Earth is on the brink of destruction! Can Gilad save Tama, the young geomancer, in time to save our planet? Valiant Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a review copy, and I share my thoughts on Incursion #2.