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As we approach the Avengers: Infinity War the Infinity Stones are making a big come back in the comics.  Who has them? What do they do? And most importantly… WOLVERINE!

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Secret Empire: Brave New World
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Can’t get enough of Secret Empire? I know, we can’t either. Which is why we are excited to hear about Secret Empire: Brave New World, a new Secret Empire tie-in series that will get its sticky fingers into your wallet.

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artArt Appreciation Moment of the DayBatgirlBatman

Have you read the brand new Batman #41? It’s really stirred up fan love and fan hate as there’s a new Batman working for the GCPD. Artist Diego Olortegui likes the design so much, he created his own mashup of what I can only hope get turned into a cover in the near future.

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