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Sneak Peek Aquaman: The Becoming #1

PREVIEW: Aquaman: The Becoming #1

Aqualad’s going to need all of his skills, wit, and cunning just to prove his own innocence, let alone graduate from sidekick to Aquaman in the pages of Aquaman: The Becoming #1 from DC Comics.

Review X-23 #7 Review 9.0

X-23 #7 Review

Born from a clone of Wolverine, Laura Kinney was slated to become a weapon until she escaped. Now, taking in another disparaged clone named Gabby, she is determined that no one else should go through what she has. But it looks like that may be too late, as she hunts an assassin who is killing geneticist. Find out more in X-23 #7 from Marvel Comics, on shelves now.