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Press Release Super Frat, the first super-powered, fraternity webcomic has announced the publication of the Super Frat/Dick Masterson Special featuring professional chauvinist, Dick Masterson, author of the best selling book Men are Better Than Women. “We’re really excited to be working with Dick,” said Super Frat biographer, Tony DiGerolamo.  “Wait a minute, that didn’t come out right.”

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One of the faithful Major Spoiler Legion sent me an email the other day, and I sat on it until someone else broke the story, because frankly, I don’t need another C&D.  Tony Daniel posted on his blog (and then deleted) some sketches of his Batman and Robin designs. While the designs are nothing spectacular, the notes scribbled on the page are, as Daniel reveals who “wins” the Battle for the Cowl.  The reveal isn’t much of a surprise to those who can put two and two together, but if you really want to know, take the jump to read

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That’s the battle cry heard over at Film Roman, the animation house famous for The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Rugrats and others, as Marvel Animation announced it is beginning production of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The animated television series is the latest from the House of Ideas, who has previously announced Wolverine and the X-Men, and Iron Man: Armored Adventures.  The 26 episode Avengers series is expected to debut in 2011, at or around the same time as Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers movies hit theaters. “(This) continues our plan to complement each of our

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The lawsuit Warner Bros. wishes would go away, just got a little more teeth yesterday when a federal judge refused to dismiss the case in which 20th Century Fox still claims to owns the rights to the film. At the heart of Fox’s suit, filed in February, is the contention that it never ceded rights to the property. And according to the federal Judge Gary Allen Feess, Fox retained distribution rights to the graphic novel penned by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons through a 1991 claim. Furthermore, Feess appears to agree that under a 1994 turnaround deal with

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Otaku USA has a great article on how to review manga titles the correct way. This could really catch on, and I’m thinking to help the movement, Major Spoilers should set up our own comic book tasting marathons. Of course we’d turn it into a drinking game with the following rules: Take a drink when: Batman is a dick Superman strikes a pose to instill fear in the enemy Wolverine appears in a title someone in the room shouts “I’m not a Skrull, I swear!” there is a reference to Tom Welling or Tom Welling Prime someone complains that we

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