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Recently I’ve been noticing a lot of discussion online about Superman. He’s been getting a lot of attention with the Rebirth event, with DC even putting out more comics featuring the Man of Steel and many of his supporting cast. But one topic really has grabbed my attention, and that is people saying that the current version of the hero is “not my Superman.”

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersTen Things

Sometimes, our fictional heroes take their names from animals, sometimes from natural phenomena and a few from the bug that bit them.  Then there are those who look to history for their heroic noms de guerre…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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Last weekend was a BIG one for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice did well at the box office, setting records all over the place. I know a lot of people who went to the first Avengers film just to see the characters in live action together for the first time, and that may have helped BvS as well. I saw the movie as well, and while it had its problems, I loved it overall! But for comics fans, the biggest news came out of WonderCon in California as DC released its slate of creative

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The monthly Bat-family titles are doing very well, in my estimation, but I really have missed the weekly Batman Eternal. Regardless of the schedule, I knew for a whole year that every single week I went to the local comics shop, I would be buying and bringing home to read an excellent Bat-comic. It was great! Well, now the sequel has arrived, and while it’s only going to run six months this time, I’m still really engaged in this book, and I’m highly recommending it! The monthly Bat-family titles are doing very well, in my estimation, but I really have

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DCFeaturedJason Reads Comics

Dick Grayson VS Tim Drake – Who is the best Robin? Watch a video Geek History Lesson dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Robin!

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When I recently reviewed All-New, All-Different Hawkeye #3, I fussed about the fact that much of the comic is still the same as it was before it was called “All-New” and “All-Different.” Most of the people in the book are still the same. The settings and abilities of many of those same people are, well, still the same as they were before the first issue in this series came out. Yes, there’s a new writer, but he’s following the pattern of the previous book.

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If you’ve been keeping up with the Robin saga at DC Comics, you know that the Dark Knight will have a “sidekick” again before too long. I think that’s a really GOOD thing, and I’ll tell you why in this column! And I’m not even including the marketing aspects of the character!

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As I mentioned in my review of Batman #33 last week, I celebrated the official 75th anniversary of Batman on Wednesday, July 23, at the a local comics shop, wearing my Batman t-shirt with art by Greg Capullo on it. This took place at the Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee, Florida, and it was a fun time. (Their website can be found at this location.) Lots of customers wore Bat-related clothing and costumes while picking up that conclusion to “Zero Year.” There were capes and masks galore, and I enjoyed celebrating Batman’s latest milestone.

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DCFeaturedJason Reads ComicsReview

Dick Grayson the boy wonder finally gets a new solo title in Grayson #1! It’s a new episode of Jason Reads Comics!

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Major SpoilersPodcast

Dick Grayson has been called Robin, Nightwing, and now just Grayson. In honor of issue one of Grayson being released by DC Comics, we’re taking a look into the history of the first boy wonder. How did he first meet Batman, and why did he finally quit the Batcave. It’s time to learn all those Bat facts and more!  So sit back and enjoy as Ashley and Jason begin their geek history lesson. You might learn something. Enter your Mind University!

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The final issue of Nightwing ends with more of a thud than a bang. Check out more of my review after the jump!

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So what happens when your secret identity is exposed? If you are Dick Grayson, you stop being Nightwing, and pick up a gun to become a secret agent. At least that is the plan for DC Comics and its new series, Grayson.

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When Damian first appeared, I literally loathed the character. He was arrogant and oh so different from any Robin that ever stood by Batman’s side. If there had been a vote as to whether he should live or die (as with Jason Todd), I would have voted multiple times for him to kick the bucket! Now, I hope he’ll be back at some point.

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DC Comics April solicitations surprised some comic fans with the cancellation of the Nightwing title. Why is the title ending, and what happens to the former Boy Wonder after Forever Evil? Major Spoilers has some ideas.

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