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Diamond Select Toys c2E2
C2E2comic conventionDiamond Select ToysToys

What’s better than going to a convention to grab comics and chat with creators? Getting the inside scoop on upcoming toys and action figures!

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Egg Attack Chirrut Rogue One Action Figure
Action FiguresDiamond Select ToysStar WarsToys

Just when you thought you had seen all of the toys and action figures from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Diamond Comic Distributors has revealed Cirrut and Baze action figures to add to your collection.

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Diamond Select ToysMerchandisemuppets

Any The Muppet Show fans out there? Ready to proudly display your love for the classic television variety show? Of course you are, which is why Diamond Select Toys has released a series of Muppet Show tumblers featuring some of your favorite Muppets.

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Diamond Select ToysMerchandiseToy FairToys

Diamond Select Toys was kind enough to send us a rundown of most of the new toys and products it is showing off at the upcoming Toy Fair 2017.

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Diamond Select ToysJessica JonesMarvelstatues

Diamond Select Toys has released a new statue in its Marvel Gallery line – Jessica Jones as Jewel, and it is available right now.

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BatmanHarley Quinnstatues

Harley Quinn has been known to quicken the pulses of many fans, but now this Batman Animated Series Premier Collection Nurse resin statue will send those pulses into overdrive.

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BatmanDiamond Select ToysMan-Batstatues

Diamond Select Toys has released a brand new Batman The Animated Series bust to stores this week. Be on the lookout for Man-Bat lurking around in hopes of becoming part of your Nerd Room of Doom.

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Action FiguresDiamond Select ToysDoctor StrangeMarvelMovies

Cumberbatch fans will want to get their hands on the newly released Marvel Select Doctor Strange movie action figure from Diamond Select Toys. The rest of us will want to get our hands on a new Doctor Strange action figure.

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Action FiguresDiamond Select ToysMarvelToys

Marvel fans looking to add to their action figure collection lucked out this week when the Marvel Select Odin the Destroyer action figure arrived in stores.

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Action FiguresDiamond Select ToysKevin SmithToys

Diamond Select Toys has released two action figures from its Mallrats line. If you thought it would be Jay and Silent Bob, you are half right.

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Black CanaryDCDiamond Select Toysstatues

The Justice League animated universe has a lot of characters in it. When Justice League Unlimited debuted, the romance between Green Arrow and Black Canary popped up instantly. Now Diamond Select Toys has a new Black Canary statue to go along with the recently released Green Arrow statue.

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Diamond Select ToysMarvelToys

The new wave of Marvel Animated Minimates is set to arrive in the Spring, and Diamond Select Toys has released a preview of the new figures.

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New Comic Releases
Diamond Comic DistributorsNew Comic Releases

Here is the New Comic Release list for comics scheduled to be in stores on January 11, 2017. There may be items on this list that are not shipped at the last minute, or new material may be added. Check with your local retailer for more details. This list was last updated January 09, 2017. What’s on your list this week?

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Diamond Select ToysMerchandiseStar Trek

Star Trek fans looking for a new electronic ship to fill their shelves are in luck as Diamond Select Toys has released a Romulan Bird of Prey based on the ship seen in the original series.

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