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Review Wellington #3 Review 7.0

Wellington #3 Review

The strange writing and an even stranger dream lead Wellington to investigate the mine by day. What secrets lurk in the dark below ground? Find out in Wellington #3 from IDW Publishing!

Review Wellington #2 Review 9.0

Wellington #2 Review

The Devil on the loose in Yorkshire? Balderdash! Or is there something to what the mad old lady claims? Find out in Wellington #2 from IDW Publishing!

Sneak Peek

[First Look] Firefly: The Sting OGN

BOOM! Studios sent Major Spoilers this first look at Firefly: The Sting original graphic novel from Delilah S. Dawson and Pius Bak, Serg Acuna, Richard Ortiz, Hyeonjin Kim, and Rodrigo Lorenzo.

Review Marvel Action Spider-Man #9 8.3

Marvel Action: Spider-Man #9 Review

Our trio of arachnid heroes are on the hunt for a stray cat… burglar that is. Will they be able to work together to declaw the Black Cat, or will their egos get them cat scratch fever? We find out what is going on in MARVEL ACTION: SPIDER-MAN #9 from IDW Publishing.

Review Star Pig #3 Review 7.0

Star Pig #3 Review

It’s love at first sight when Vess meets Dr. Echozar! Are things finally going her way, or does the cute doctor have hidden motives of his own? Find out in Star Pig #3!

Review Star Pig #2 Review 7.7

Star Pig #2 Review

Vess is worth more alive than dead, and she learns that getting home to Earth is a lot more complicated than she had anticipated. And if Earth is sequestered, why are so many things in space named after Earth places? Find out more in Star Pig #2!

Sneak Peek Sparrowhawk #5

[Preview] Sparrowhawk #5

Art’s quest has led her to the Unseelie Queen’s palace and the terrible sacrifice she’ll have to make to return home in this week’s Sparrowhawk #5.

Sneak Peek Sparrowhawk #3

[Preview] Sparrowhawk #3

Though Art is growing stronger in Faerie, she is still hunted, still pursued. BOOM! Studios sent us this sneak peek of Sparrowhawk #3 ahead of this week’s release.

Sneak Peek Sparrowhawk #2

[Preview] Sparrowhawk #2

Art is trapped in the world of Faerie, and realizes she has to fight her way out. Find out what happens next in this week’s Sparrowhawk #2 from BOOM! Studios.

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