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There are many sci-fi universes I miss after they’ve left the airways, but one that always stood out to me was Stargate Universe.

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As we discover that DC is making the Alan Moore creations The Watchmen more and more a part of the DC Universe, frankly, I’m happy, although I’m sure Mr. Moore is not. For more on this subject, check out this link here at Many comics fans, some of them here at this site, aren’t all that thrilled with the idea of this taking place. After all, The Watchmen has been a powerful and unique experience for us, and even the Before Watchmen event didn’t quite live up to the series that it was to explore. Well, at least I

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Another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and there’s been a TON of news! I always like to point out that media outlets will be catching up with everything that happened for at least the next month or so, so I recommend patience. To check out news from SDCC, you can still click on the button in the right-hand column of the site that has the SDCC logo that says, “Major Spoilers Coverage Here.” With the Internet providing instant contact for information, it’s given those of us who are fans the chance to express our opinions in a hyper-quick time

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With all the hubbub surrounding the upcoming Star Wars movie, I started wondering if Marvel was going to release a comics version of it. You know, a comic that adapted the film and would appear in local comics shops? Then I remembered – Oh, yeah, no comics company has done that in a long, long time!

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As much as I rail against “event” comics, there are a few that come along that I actually do enjoy, as hard as it is to believe it! And those mostly have been when Star Trek has encountered other sci-fi franchises!

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Before you read the rest of my review of Star Trek Ongoing #39, it’s important that you know that I’ve been a fan of Star Trek for many years. I’ve loved its ability to explore human nature and tell science-fiction stories like few other franchises have been able to do. However, even more than that, I’m a Niner, which means I love Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the most of all the show’s incarnations. “Classic” or “Original” Trek falls in place right behind DS9. With a new series of movies as well as comics from IDW Publishing based on the films, I had been

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