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Stern Deadpool Pinball
DeadpoolGamingPress ReleaseSolicitations

Stern Pinball announced today the availability of a new line of pinball machines featuring Deadpool the popular American comic book series published by Marvel Comics.

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Black Panther vs. Deadpool
Black PantherDeadpoolMarvelSolicitations

Marvel has announced the next big crossover event – Black Panther vs. Deadpool! Well, it is a mini-series, but when two of the biggest movie draws appear together in one comic, it has to be a big deal, right?

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Deadpool; Secret Agent Deadpool
comixologyDeadpoolDigital ComicsMarvelPress ReleaseSolicitations

Today, Marvel Entertainment and comiXology, Amazon’s premier digital comic shopping & reading service, announced the next exclusive comiXology Originals digital comic series Deadpool:Secret Agent Deadpool, a 6-issue bi-weekly series written by Chris Hastings, drawn by Salva Espin, with colors by Matt Yackey, and covers by David Nakayama.

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Wolverine #88
DeadpoolFeaturedMarvelRetro ReviewReviewWolverine

Long before he was a multimedia fourth-wall-breaking-sensation, Deadpool was just an overly pouched X-villain with an attitude.  And this is the story of his first run-in with the man called Logan…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Wolverine #88 awaits!

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You Are Deadpool #5 Review

The interactive role-playing comic-book experience is about to come to a close, but there are still a few unanswered questions.  Your Major Spoilers review of You Are Deadpool #5 awaits!

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Major Spoilers Comic Book Podcast #781 Deadpool: The good, the bad and the ugly
DeadpoolFeaturedMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastMarvelPodcastReview

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: Deadpool is all… Deadpool in Deadpool: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. We review Vampironica #2, The Flash #47, Cyber Force #3, and The Toys that Made Us Season 2.

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Cable and Deadpool Annual #1

With Deadpool 2 just about to hit theaters, Marvel has announced the upcoming release of Cable and Deadpool Annual #1 by David F. Walker, Paco Diaz, and others.

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It’s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure time with the Merc With A Mouth.  Depending on your choices last time, this issue may be your next stop!  Your Major Spoilers review of You Are Deadpool #2 awaits!

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Celine Dion Ashes Deadpool 2
DeadpoolFriday Sing-AlongMoviesMusicVideo

Dion’s Ashes music video debuted on Good Morning America, and features a surprise (?) appearance from everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth.

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Deadpool script
20th Century FoxDeadpoolDisneyMarvelTelevision

You may remember that Donald Glover was working on a Deadpool animated series for FX. It was recently announced the project had been dumped by the network, and with the project dead in the water, Donald Glover took to Twitter to share the first episode script.

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Deadpool: Assassins #1
Cullen BunnDeadpoolMarvelSneak Peek

What kind of over-the-top crazy will Cullen Bunn and Mark Bagley bring to Deadpool: Assassin #1? Marvel released a sneak peek of the issue that arrives in June.

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Deadpool Taco Truck Diorama PVC Statue
DeadpoolDiamond Select ToysMarvelstatues

With the second Deadpool arriving next month, the merchandise is starting to appear in greater volume. Diamond Select Toys has revealed its latest Deadpool PVC Statue from the March Previews catalog.

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Deadpool #1

Marvel has announced the creative team of Skottie Young and Nic Klein will kick off the new Deadpool series in June.

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Once again, I must apologize for being late with this column. I was in Kansas City for Planet Comicon, which I enjoyed greatly, but con crud caught up with me as I was heaving 40-pound boxes in the bitter cold. I was doomed! Since then, however, Marvel has yet again decided to give their books another new start.

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