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20th Century FoxDeadpoolMoviesTrailerVideo

So many people have been waiting for the first Deadpool 2 trailer to arrive, and now it has. Is it worth it? Is it as raunchy as the first movie? Do all the characters return?  Sure, right after a bit of painting…

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FeaturedMarvelReviewsecret warriors

With the Secret Empire dismantled, there is no longer a need for the underground resistance team of Secret Warriors.  Or at least there wasn’t, until someone kidnapped a member of Inferno’s family…  Your Major Spoilers review of Secret Warriors #7 awaits!

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Spider-Man Versus Deadpool #23
DeadpoolMarvelSneak PeekSpider-Man

Will Spider-Man and Deadpool be friends or enemies in the upcoming Spider-Man/Deadpool #23?

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20th Century FoxDeadpoolMarvelMoviesX-Force

With the success of the Deadpool movie, and the fan reaction to Cable, it makes sense that Fox would want to expand its mutant franchise even further with the X-Force.

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Marvel continues to celebrate the Marvel Legacy with new renumberings, and our first look more creative teams and titles.

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As Marvel Legacy continues its march to release date, Marvel has release new sets of graphics that show how the company has calculated the numbering.

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Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again #1
Cullen BunnDeadpoolMarvelSneak Peek

Are you ready for more Deadpool? So much Deadpool that Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again? Marvel Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the first issue of the upcoming mini-series, that you can check out, after the jump.

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Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again

You can never have too much Deadpool – especially when the Merc with a Mouth is killing the Marvel Universe… again. Marvel has announced yet another Deadpool takes on everyone in the Marvel U series that arrives in July.

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DeadpoolFeaturedHoward the DuckMarvelReview

Howard and Wade have been merged into one being, and time is running out to separate them.  Will Marvel let two of their biggest cash cows stay in one duck-body?  Your Major Spoilers review of Deadpool The Duck #5 awaits!

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If you went to see Logan this weekend, there’s a good chance you were able to see the new Deadpool 2 trailer. But did you see the same trailer we did?

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DeadpoolMarvelRob LiefeldSolicitations

Marvel has announced that Rob Liefeld is take on Deadpool once again in a new original graphic novel that arrives in May.

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Comics PortalDCFeaturedMarvelOpinion

Even with decades of them under our belts, team-ups are still fun!

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DeadpoolMarvelSneak Peek

Love cuts deeper than swords In your first look at Deadpool #28! It is part one of “‘Til Death Do Us…” story arc.

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DeadpoolMarvelPunisherSneak Peek

Just when you thought Marvel couldn’t come up with another character to pair with Deadpool, they’ve gone and done it. It’s not Spider-Man, nor is it Wolverine or Howard the Duck. No, this time Deadpool will take on  the Punisher – I’m guessing he will be the straight man of the group.

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