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You have a shelf of hero statues, but what about the villains? Kotobukiya unveiled a glorious Gorilla Grodd ArtFX+ statue that will dominate your Nerd Room of Doom.

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DC’s Anthonlogy series concludes with Metamorpho, Firestorm: The Nuclear Man, Sugar & Spike, and the Metal Men. Also, be on the lookout for a number of Legion of Super-Heroes running around.

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supergirl lego dimensions
DCGamingLegoSupergirlToysVideo GamesWarner Bros. Interactive

LEGO fans! Supergirl is finally coming to the LEGO Dimensions game!

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A new batch of heroes has shown up at Titans Tower to help finish the complete history of this teenage team on Teen Titans Part 2!

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The Flintstones meet consumerism in DC’s The Flintstones #2!  What will the town of Bedrock get caught up in buying?  Why do they use animals as household appliances?  The answers and more are in the Major Spoilers review of The Flintstones #2!

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I read with interest that CW Seed is going to have the first TV show, albeit an animated one, that features  a gay lead hero, The Ray. They’ve had quite a bit of success with Vixen, an African-American female hero, so I’m happy to see them moving in this direction as well.

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DCSneak PeekSuicide Squad

This week, DC Entertainment releases Suicide Squad War Crimes Special #1 to comic book shops around the country. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue before it’s gone.

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Now this is what I like to see! Batman taking on opponents much stronger than he is, and at least giving them pause! What is Batman’s super-power? His intelligence, of course! He’s going to need all of that in this story moving forward!

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Thanks to a secret government agency, Kong Kenan has been given incredible superpowers.  Trouble is, he’s not the only one…   Your Major Spoilers review of New Super-Man #2 awaits!

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Another week has come to a close, which means it is time to talk about the week that was.

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Kevin Smith was head over heals last season when he directed an episode of The Flash for The CW. On his podcasts, he’s gushed about wanting to direct more DC television series, and he’s getting his wish as he will take on Supergirl and Flash in their new seasons.

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Adam HughesDCPress ReleaseSolicitations

PRESS RELEASE: From the trailblazing Wonder Woman of the 1940’s to the edgy power-driven comics series like Birds of Prey, DC COMICS COVERGIRLS takes a look at the female characters of DC Comics throughout the company’s history, and features many of DC’s iconic covers.

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tim seeley
BusinessDCtim seeleyVertigo

DC Entertainment has announced it has inked an exclusive deal with writer Tim Seeley to create content for the DC and Vertigo imprints.

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We learned earlier that The Flash will feature the Mirror Master in season 3, and now we have the official extended synopsis of the season from The CW.

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