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Sneak Peek Ninjak #2

PREVIEW: Ninjak #2

Who are the trio of extremely powerful bounty hunters hunting Ninjak? Find out in this week’s Ninjak #2 from Valiant Entertainment.

Sneak Peek

PREVIEW: Star Wars #16

Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian battle Boba Fett for the ultimate prize – Han Solo! Take the jump for a sneak peek of Star Wars #16 from Marvel Comics.

Sneak Peek Extreme Carnage: Scream #2

PREVIEW: Extreme Carnage: Scream #1

Andi Benton has always been a fighter, and that’s never been truer than since she bonded to the Scream symbiote a few months ago. Find out what she’s been up to in Extreme Carnage: Scream #1 from Marvel Comics.

Sneak Peek Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen #1

PREVIEW: Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen #1

By day, Dr. Gwendolyn Stacy is Ravencroft Asylum’s leading psychiatrist. But by night, she dons the guise of the vigilante known as Nightbird! Discover her origin in the pages of Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen #1 from Marvel Comics.

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