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Canto #5 Review

We follow our short protagonist to meet his last test before meeting the Shrouded Man and recover his love’s heart. Will Canto survive? Find out in Canto #5 by IDW Publishing!

Review 10.0

Canto #4 Review

Canto has learned that his target is someone called the Shrouded Man who lives in the Emerald Tower. Will the yellow road lead him there? Find out in Canto #4!

Review IDW, Samurai Jack, Justice League of America, Big Brooz, bear trap, SNAP, Lost Worlds, Paul Allor, Adam Bryce Thomas, Christa Miesner, David Mariotte 8.3

Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds #3 Review

I always wondered why comics weren’t coming out with more adventures with Samurai Jack. After all, he wandered the future for a long time, and I doubted that every challenge he faced was included in the animated series.

Turns out I was right. In Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds, each issue has a complete story with Jack, and the books are very true to the show.