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As I was reading this comic, it dawned on me that if it had come from Marvel, it would have been called the “All-New, All-Different Batman #1!” However, since it was from DC, it was more succinctly called Batman #1. The new team launches the monthly title. They have huge shoes to fill, so how did they do?

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baltimore comic con logo
Baltimore Comic Concomic conventionPress Release

The Baltimore Comic-Con welcomes industry giants David Finch, Barry Kitson, John Ostrander, Ethan Van Sciver, and Bernie Wrightson.

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersStaff Picks

IT’S NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! But what to read? Fortunately, the Major Spoilers Staff have comic book recommendations for you!

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BatmanBatman BeyondBruce WayneComics PortalDCFeaturedMarvelOpinionSupermanWonder Woman

DC Comics has told everyone that their comics universe would be a very different one after the “Convergence” event ended in May. This past week, we discovered just how true those words were when illustrations of the new costumes for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were revealed. As always, reaction to these changes was mixed, reminding me very much of the time before the New 52 hit stores.

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DCFeaturedJason Reads ComicsReview

The  comic book event Forever Evil just concluded! So let’s talk about the new course it sets for the DCU. It’s all that and more as Jason reads all the DC Comics that were published this week.

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Forever Evil_7_FEATURED
DCFeaturedGeoff JohnsReview

After multiple delays, Forever Evil #7 has arrived.  Enough with this silly intro, lets wait no more and get to the review!

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The savagery of Man-Bat reaches a horrifying peak in this final issue of the series!

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DCFeaturedGeoff JohnsLex LuthorReview

Can Batman save Nightwing from the Murder Machine when his only ally is Lex Luthor? Who is the hooded man? All this and more in this review!

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DCFeaturedGeoff JohnsNew 52Review

Are you ready for evil? Well ready or not, DC is giving it to you. This entire month DC comics has decided to do nothing but villainy, and at the core of treacherous scheme is Forever Evil. Unfortunately it has to compete with not one, but two different events from Marvel: Infinity and Battle for the Atom. Find out if DC has what it takes to get your event dollars with your Major Spoilers review!

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DCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJustice League of AmericaReview

They are the new Justice League of America: Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Katana, Catwoman, Stargirl, Green Lantern Simon Baz, Green Arrow, and Vibe (yes, THAT Vibe). Brought together by Amanda Waller, they are led by former Justice League liaison, Steve Trevor. However, the Justice League of America serves a greater and sinister purpose: should the original Justice League go rogue, they have the power to stop them.

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Baltimore Comic Concomic conventionPress Release

Press Release The Baltimore Comic-Con is happy to announce the addition of superstar artist David Finch to the growing line-up of talent attending this year’s show. The 14th Annual show will be held September 7-8, 2013 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

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DCFeaturedNew 52

Another offering from DC’s New 52 (though its getting quite old); this time its Vibe. You know, Vibe, from the old Justice League Detroit comic, or from the currently running Justice League of America comic. Yeah, I don’t know why they brought him back either. It was probably to appease the great power that is Major Spoiler’s very own Matthew Peterson, seeing as how he and Geoff Johns are the only people with fond memories of him. Does Vibe hold up on his own? Find out after the jump!

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Amanda WallerDCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJustice League of AmericaReview

The new Justice League of America débuts with a whoppingly ridiculous 54 covers, with Geoff Johns on script and David Finch handling art. Will Justice League of America #1 have you declaring “America, F yeah!” or just mumbling “America… ehh… whatever…”? Stoke your patriotic pride as Major Spoilers reviews Justice League of America #1 (this reviewer got the Indiana cover).

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DCJLAJustice League of AmericaVariant

DC Comics has revealed the first two covers of the 52 variant covers for the upcoming Justice League of America #1.

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