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Dark Horse Comics announces Bad Luck Chuck

Dark Horse Comics has announced Bad Luck Chuck from the creative team of Lela Gwenn and Matthew Dow Smith – a noir tale full of anti-heroes, smartass outlaws and oddball villains – just the thing you’ve been asking for in your comic books.

Review God of War #2 Review 6.0

God of War #2 Review

Kratos, the God of War, has found a new home for himself in the frozen wilderness of the North, far from the machinations of the Greek Gods, and a chance to tame his savage nature.  But when wild beast men menace his family, Kratos must act to save himself, and his son, in God of War #2.

Review 8.3

Olivia Twist #3 Review

A daring raid into Badwa – the camp for the unwanted minorities who could not be deported – sets up a fight between the Esthers, Provis, and the Trads. But who is double-crossing whom?

Review Lightstep #1 Review 7.7

Lightstep #1 Review

A highly advanced civilization born on a rock flying through the galaxy at lightspeed. A young woman with a strange gift, which may wind up being more of a curse. A secret hidden away, but vital to the future. LIGHTSTEP #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

Podcast Major Spoilers Podcast #804

Major Spoilers Podcast #804: #IBlameKrona

We love comics, and you do, too, which is why we’ve loaded this episode of the Major Spoilers Podcast with twice the comic reviews and we’re still keeping with the low, low price of FREE!

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