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Review 8.0

Triage #2 Review

Evie Pierce have found herself face to face with herself from two other dimensions. Will this trio be able to figure out what is going on and why they are hunted? Find out in Triage #2 by Dark Horse Comics!

Review Everything #2 Review 9.0

Everything #2 Review

Strange things started happening when the Everything store opened in Holland, MI, in 1980. But there’s no way they could all be related, is there? Find out in Everything #2 from Dark Horse Comics…if you dare!

Review Ruby Falls #1 9.7

Ruby Falls #1 Review

If there’s anything I love more than a murder mystery, it is an examination of the phenomenon of human memory. How well do these concepts blend together? Find out in Ruby Falls #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

Review Grendel Devil's Odyssey #1 8.7

Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey #1 Review

Legendary creator Matt Wagner returns to one of his most popular creations! Grendel Prime has emerged from seclusion and is on a new mission. The Earth is dying, and he must find a new home for humanity. Will Grendel Prime be humanities savior, or destroyer? Find out in GRENDEL: DEVIL’S ODYSSEY #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

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