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Featured Valiant High #4 Review

Valiant High #4 Review

Being a student at Valiant High is rough, if you aren’t being run into the ground by psycho Coach Bloodshot, you’re fighting weird energy being monsters on the football field. And what about all the secrets? This place makes Sunnydale High look like William McKinley High! Am I right? So let’s see what is happening with Valiant High #4 from Valiant Entertainment!

Sneak Peek Valiant High #4

Valiant High #4

Valiant Entertainment starts the day off right with a sneak peek of this week’s Valiant High #4 by Daniel Kibblesmith and Derek Charm.


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Valiant High #3 Review

So far Amanda “Livewire” McKee has survived driving class, an ambush by her ex-BFF, a game of Bloodball, and the disappearance of her now best friend. What else can this teen queen be subjected to? How about a confrontation with the mysterious Shadow-Like-Man? That and more in this issue of Valiant High #3, from Valiant Entertainment!

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Sneak Peek Valiant High #3

Valiant High #3

The penultimate issue of Valiant High arrives in stores this week, and we have a sneak peek of the issue directly from Valiant Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Valiant High #2

Valiant High #2

The high school adventures of your favorite Valiant heroes continues this week in the pages of Valiant High #2.


Valiant High #1 Review

High school, it’s tough for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest kid in school, the blonde hair, blue eyed jock, or the girl who can talk to machines, it’s tough. But when the faculty is made up of people like Dr, Mirage, Bloodshot, and Toyo Harada, you’re not going to just any school you’re going to VALIANT HIGH! Find out what your favorite Valiant heroes may have been like if they all got their powers in high school, in VALIANT HIGH #1 from Valiant Entertainment!

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