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Sneak Peek Null Faeries #1

[Preview] Null Faeries #1

Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone launches Null Faeries this week, and the publisher sent us a sneak peek of Null Faeries #1 by Chad Cicconi.

Sneak Peek Zombie Tramp #54

[Preview] Zombie Tramp #54 (slightly NSFW)

As the search continues to find Janey’s original body, Janey continues to try and fight her way out of Black Betty. I don’t know what is going on either, which is why we should check out this slightly NSFW sneak peek of Zombie Tramp #54.

Sneak Peek Vampblade Season 3 #7

[Preview] Vampblade Season 3 #7

With the original Katie on a journey to Hell to rescue her girlfriend, the alternate universe Katie must survive on her own as Vampblade for the first time. Check out this sneak peek of Vampblade #7 from Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone.

Danger Zone Aberrant #4

Aberrant #4

Here is your first look at Aberrant #4 from Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone.

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