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DCFeaturedNew Age of DC HeroesReview

Can the world’s greatest assassin give it up and raise a happy family in the suburbs?  Not if the people who have taken down Talia al Ghul have anything to say about it…  Your Major Spoilers review of The Silencer #2 awaits!

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Wild's End: Journey's End
Boom StudiosDan AbnettSolicitations

Wild’s End, the amazing homage to The War of the Worlds and The Day the Earth Stood Still, is getting a final volume from creators Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard in June 2018.

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Once again, the question has arisen: What is the deal with Donna Troy?  This time, though, it’s the Justice League of America asking, and they’re not known for their patience…  Your Major Spoilers review of Titans #19 awaits!

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FeaturedReviewTitan Comics

Even in the 17th Century, someone had to fight the undead.  Your Major Spoilers review of Hammer Comics: Captain Kronos #1 awaits!

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Hammer Comics: Captain Kronos #1
Sneak PeekTitan Comics

Who will help rid a small town of its vampire plague? CAPTAIN KRONOS! Take the jump for a look at Hammer Comics: Captain Kronos #1 from Titan Comics.

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Dark Matter
comic conventionDark MatterSolicitations

We know Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder are taking on Dark Nights: Metal, but today, DC Comics announced it is all part of a bigger plan to team the hottest artists and hottest writers together in six new titles.

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Aquaman #21
AquamanDan AbnettDCSneak Peek

Take the jump for a sneak peek of Aquaman #21 by Dan Abnett and Philippe Briones. The new issue arrives in stores today.

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DCFeaturedReviewTeen Titanstitans

It’s the fifth week of the month, and that means some different comics from DC. Several annuals were released, and the one that intrigued me the most was Titans, which has a major revelation or two in its pages.

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Dan AbnettSolicitationsTitan Comics

Titan Comics continues to expand its Hammer Horror line with Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter. And to kick off the comic book adaptation of the 1974 film, the publisher has hired Dan Abnett and tom Mandrake to chronicle the new adventures.

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DCSneak Peektitans

DC Comics released a sneak peek of Titans #9 by Dan Abnett and Norm Rapmund that you can check out after the jump.

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AquamanDCSneak Peek

DC Comics released this sneak peek of Aquaman #18 that arrives in stores today.

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