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Cullen BunnMarvelSneak Peek

Marvel is really pushing Monsters Unleashed at the moment. The series arrives on January 18th, but Marvel is releasing a Sampler issue on January 4th. If you can’t wait that long, we have a sneak peek of that collection, after the jump.

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Cullen Bunn

Marvel is putting a lot behind the upcoming Monsters Unleashed, where hundreds of giant monsters attack. The publisher has released a behind the scenes video of the event series and why it’s going to be bigger than ever before.

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HasbroIDW PublishingSneak Peek

The final issue of IDW Publishing’s Revolution arrives in stores this week. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the series that brings the entirety of the Hasbro universe together.

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Cullen BunnMarc GuggenheimMarvelPress ReleaseSolicitationsX-Men

PRESS RELEASE – A bright new tomorrow is coming for the Children of the Atom as the X-Men race full speed into ResurrXion! From the ashes of Inhumans vs. X-Men comes your first details about the highly anticipated new titles – X-MEN GOLD and X-MEN BLUE! Launching in April, these multi-shipping, ongoing series bring fans a new beginning for these merry mutants – one that is sure to please fans old and new!

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Cullen BunnIDW PublishingSneak Peek

Check out this sneak peek of Micronauts #7 from Cullen Bunn and Max Dunbar.

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Cullen BunnMarvelSolicitationsStar Wars

Darth Maul, the most underused character in the Star Wars toy box, or the most overused character in the Star Wars toy box? We’re about to find out, as Marvel announced a new Dark Maul series beginning in February, 2017.

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Battlestar GalacticaCullen BunnDynamite EntertainmentSneak Peek

Dynamite Entertainment sent us a sneak peek of Battlestar Galactica #4 to share with you.

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Cullen BunnMarvelMonsters UnleashedSolicitations

Marvel is betting big on the upcoming Monsters Unleashed series from writer Cullen Bunn and a plethora of super talented artists.  Marvel has announced a new wave of Monsters Unleashed one-shots spilling into the rest of the MU – that’s Marvel Universe, not Monsters Unleashed…

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Cullen BunnIDW PublishingSneak Peek

The penultimate issue of IDW Publishing’s Revolution series arrives in stores this week, and we have your first look, after the jump!

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MarvelSneak Peek

Monsters Unleashed is set to arrive in January, and Cullen Bunn and a number of artists are bringing six new monsters to the world of Marvel Monsters!

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Cullen BunnMarvelSolicitationsVariant

Marvel Comics has released five variant covers that tie in to the upcoming Monsters Unleashed event by Cullen Bunn and a slew of artists.

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Cullen BunnPress ReleaseSolicitations

PRESS RELEASE –  In the aftermath of a mysterious explosion that tears through a major metropolitan area, five coffin-like stasis tubes are discovered, each branded with a woman’s name. Blasting off this December from critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling comic book writer Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Harrow County) and up-and-coming artist George Kambadais (A Place in The Heart), Grave Lilies is a riveting, Joss Wheedon-esque SciFi series — and the first superhero title from boutique New York publisher Z2 Comics.

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Marvel sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in January 2017.

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Battlestar GalacticaDynamite EntertainmentSneak Peek

Take the jump for a sneak peek of Battlestar Galactica #3 by Cullen Bunn and Alex Sanchez.

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