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The Mighty Avengers and the Thunderbolts meat Riplclaw and the rest of Cyberforce.  It all happens next week in Top Cow’s Fusion #1. Take the jump for a sneak peek.

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DCJustice League of AmericaReview

Or – “Slowly Crawling Back Into My Good Graces…” It’s no secret that this incarnation of the Justice League has been problematical for me from the beginning.  Brad Meltzer’s character-based stories were weak on plot, relying too heavily on coincidence, overkill, and the DC’s big three for my tastes.  The art of Ed Benes is very cheesecakey (see Zatanna’s general pectoral regions above) and the fill-in artists seem to have been chosen for their ability to ape his good-girl style rather than their own artistic strengths.  Add to that the fact that Meltzer left many dangling plotlines, and Dwayne McDuffie’s

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MarvelReviewTrue Believers

Or – “Sometimes, I’m Pleasantly Surprised That A Book Was Ever Green-Lighted…” Cary Bates is a name that I haven’t heard in comics’ circles in several years.  The mind behind the Trial of the Flash, the revamp of Captain Atom, and one of the wackiest Earth-Prime crossovers ever (Earth-Prime, for you rotten kids out there, was supposed to be “our world,” where DC chronicles the history of stalwarts like Superman and Batman and ol’ what’sisface in the orange shirt) in which he and his co-writer traveled to the DCU and fought/helped the Justice League, respectively.  Cary was one of those

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AvengersMarvelReviewSecret Invasion

Or – “Shipping Dates Aren’t Really That Hard To Figure Out, Are They?” I’m of two minds about the vast deluge of Avengers that struck the comic stores last Wednesday…  On the one hand, I could see it as a marketing ploy, a way to remind us that we can’t ignore the Avengers marketing juggernaut, to give us too much of a good thing and try to make it even better.  Of course, on the other hand, I can look at it and be certain that it’s a bad idea to ship FIVE Avengers titles (two of which have almost

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