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Press ReleaseThe DarknessTop Cow

Press Release Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that the first issue of The Darkness/Pitt has sold out at the distributor level.  The highly anticipated crossover series has been over five years in the making and was held back from release by Top Cow Productions until all principal work on the series had been completed.

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Brian Michael BendisMarvelReviewUltimate Spider-Man

Despite the Ultimatum banner, there’s no Ultimatum story here (sorta) If readers were wondering how Ultimate Spider-Man would make the transition from the Return of Gwen Stacy story last issue, into the Ultimatum story line this issue, fear not, as nothing that takes place in Ultimatum appears in this issue.  Instead, this issue serves as a lead up to the crossover series, even though the crossover series has already begun.  Ah mega-events!  You gotta love ‘em!

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CyberforceHunter-KillerPreviewTop Cow

This summer, Top Cow Productions will launch a huge limited crossover series featuring the cybernetic killers of Cyberforce, and the Ultra Sapiens of Hunter-Killers.  While the storyline is being kept a secret, we do know Mark Waid will be writing with Kenneth Rocafort providing all the art. “I can’t wait to work with Kenneth again,” said Waid in a prepared statement. “He blew my mind when I first saw his Hunter-Killer pages during the first run. To be brutally honest, it’s rare that I see a new artist whose work doesn’t feel redundant or a clone of something else already

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Dynamic ForcesMarvelSecret InvasionSkrullapalooza

It’s the 90s all over again kiddies, with variant covers coming fast and furious for titles and reprints. The latest variant comes from Dynamic Forces and Marvel for next week’s Secret Invasion #1 by Mel Rubi. Comic fans old and new know Mel Rubi’s art from the immense variety of titles and characters that he has drawn for the past two decades. Mel’s countless credits include hit Marvel titles such as Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur and Wolverine, as well as Image titles Grifter, Stormwatch and Deathblow, and for Dark Horse, Star Wars: The Bounty Hunters – Scoundrel’s Wages. Most recently, Mel

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