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The final episode of Captain Blasto has arrived! The episodic video web series comes to a close as Captain Blasto is forced to stop the crooked crooks he recruited when their bogus burglaries become real.

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Boom Studios

Boom! Studios has announced a new mini-series that delves into a story about a thief with supernatural powers.  The series is written by Michael Alan Nelson with art by emma Rios. HEXED follows nineteen-year-old Luci Neves, a.k.a. “Lucifer,” a Brazilian thief who specializes in the otherworldy and the enchanted. Ordinary crooks can rob banks. Lucifer’s the girl you call when you need someone to steal a demon’s collar, a feather from an angel’s wings, or the hinges off the gates of Hell itself.  Luci’s life has been plagued by macabre adventures and ethereal encounters, and now that an ill-satisfied client

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