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DCMajor SpoilersPoll

If you are going to catch a reader’s attention, the comic book cover is the best place to do it. Over the decades, some really great covers have appeared on the stands at local comic shops around the world. Some have definitely been better than others, and some have become so iconic that they will never leave our collective consciousness. VOTE!

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Ten Things
FeaturedMajor SpoilersTen Things

On occasion, a hero is called to make The Ultimate Sacrifice™, giving their own life for a greater good. And sometimes, just sometimes, that hero is the only thing standing between survival and universal Armageddon…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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CosplayDragon ConVideo

George Perez seems to show up at Dragon*Con quite a bit, and with the 30th anniversary of Crisis on Infinite Earths upon us, what better time to get a gathering of cosplayers to film a video?

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BatmanConvergenceDark Horse ComicsDCDynamite EntertainmentFeaturedImage ComicsMarvelSecret WarsSpider-Man

This week is when the change begins. Convergence #0 arrives in comics shops this Wednesday, which just happens to be April 1, the day commonly celebrated as April Fool’s Day. Don’t worry, though, Marvel isn’t far behind. I’ve indicated many times that I don’t enjoy “event” storytelling. I particularly don’t like it when several “events” overlap each other. For me, the next several months will be “Event Hell” because just about every comic from DC and Marvel will be an “event” tied to a big miniseries. There are times I wish I didn’t have such a good memory. I’ve read

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Dan DidioDCEditorialFeaturedFrom the EditorNew 52

This past weekend, Dan DiDio set the Intardwebz ablaze when he made the announcement that the Crisis events from the last thirty years, including Crisis on Infinite Earths, never happened in the New DC Universe.

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DCFeaturedRed TornadoReview

When I walked into the comic shop last week and saw Red Tornado #1, I was rather surprised. Here was a character that I always saw in a supporting role and not really as the front and center headline type. He had been a big part of the Justice League of my early youth, was the mentor for Young Justice, and had recently been a pretty important player in some modern Justice League of America storylines.  I remembered reading the issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths where he became an elemental, as well as never being able to find a

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MarvelReviewSecret InvasionSkrullapalooza

Or – “And We Still Have Almost NO Idea What’s Going On…” The art of the big crossover event has changed over the years.  The first one, (in my memory, anyway) Secret Wars, was done almost entirely outside of the regular titles’ continuity, with the individual heroes stories jumping forward a few weeks in time, while the miniseries played out separately for the rest of the year.  Crisis on Infinite Earths took place everywhere at once, causing for weird moments where characters we expected to see in one place turned up in another.  Civil War annoyed me with it’s tendency to

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ConanMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcast

This time out, we got crises, we got kudos, we got barbarians, we got chainmail bikinis, and while Stephen and Matthew flashback to 1985, Rodrigo nods and thinks about larping… We got a little love for the alien penis beast (and really, who needs more love than the alien penis beast?) we got a little love for the floppy pamphlet (which actually sounds dirtier than alien penis beast) but most of all, we got a little love for Uncle Barry, Cousin Kara, and even the late, lamented Ten-Eyed Man. Strap on your rocket pack, straighten your cape, and prepare yourself

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AnnouncementsPodcastTrade Paperback

Hope everyone enjoyed the Major Spoilers Behind the Scenes Shows we ran this past week to celebrate the 2nd year of the site. This week things return to normal (as normal as they can be), and the Major Spoilers Panel will be diving into the first crisis – The Crisis on Infinite Earths, during our Trade Paperback segment of the show. Shout out with your thoughts and comments about the maxi-series, that promised to sort out all of the continuity errors from the then 50 years of DC storytelling.

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I ended up having a lot of people drop by the house this past weekend (Fri-Sun) and completely forgot to post this yesterday. On tonight’s Major Spoilers Podcast, the panel will dive into another of their Top 30 Trade Paperbacks – Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. Written by Marv Wolfman Art by George Pérez, Dick Giordano, Mike DeCarlo, and Romeo Tanghal Cover by Pérez They were Earth’s teenage defenders — unbeatable and unstoppable. Riding high, they took an eighth member — a young girl — into their ranks. She was their downfall. In the ’80s, THE NEW TEEN TITANS was

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Major SpoilersPodcastPoll

In issue #10 of the The Major Spoilers Podcast, the crew gave their recommendations of trade paperbacks you should buy and read. Take the jump for the full list and how your vote can build the definitive Top 30 Major Spoilers Trade Paperback recommendation.

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DCGeoff JohnsJustice Society of AmericaPreview

One of the headlines seen during 52 was Power Girl missing. Well, we’ve found her, courtesy of Geoff Johns and the Justice Society of America Annual #1. Welcome to Earth-2!

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