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New Krypton Part 11 I’ll admit I was a little surprised when the New Krypton story wrapped up in Action Comics #873.  I figured this was a story that would go on for 12 issues minimum, and really needing 24 issues to tell the massive story DC set into play that turned into a surprise hit for the company.  Even though the New Krypton banner may be gone from the covers, the New Krypton story continues as the story shifts from Earth to Kandor.

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DCFinal CrisisReview

or, Holy Mother of Freakin’ continuity Batman! This is going to be huge! If you haven’t been keeping track, we’ve been counting down (I don’t mean that as a pun but, damn it!) to DC’s final crisis event, wittily entitled, Final Crisis. Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns have paired up to write what is one of the most highly anticipated books of the last few years. And not a word matters until you read the very last page! WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

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