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Hero HistoryReviewTop Cow

Or, “No, this guy was never an Avenger nor a woman named Rita…” In some of my previous Hero Histories, I talked a little bit about how Golden Age characters might make an appearance and never be seen again, or they could last through to today. While that was meant to be aimed at actual characters, it holds true for good names a well. You might recognize this week’s Hero History as a name belonging to one of Hank Pym’s various alter egos. Maybe you know it as a young ex-criminal named Rita DeMara who went to the future and

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Boom StudiosSneak Peek

This June, Boom! Studios will debut it’s new series from Gary Phillips called High Rollers. Artwork will be by Sergio Carrera, with covers by Brett Weidele. “We’re happy to have such a talented crime writer of Gary Phillips’ caliber (pun intended) working with us,” said BOOM! Studios editor-in-chief Mark Waid. “Gangsters and the Mafia are America’s new vampires – the dark creatures of the underground that fascinate and appall us – and there is no one better to explore this territory than Gary Phillips.”

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