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A bountiful chest awaits Following the first three issue run of the She Buccaneer, Heidi and Will Hughes are back with a new story arc that continues the quest to find the Eyes of the Seven Seas.  Unlike the previous series, where each issue had the female pirate and her crew seeking a different eye, issue #4 kicks off a three issue arc where the She Buccaneer and her crew head to the China Sea looking for the eye of the Jade Dragon.

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Great Big ComicsReviewShe Buccaneer

A three issue limited, that has no ending I’ve been reading a lot of small press titles these last couple of months.  One of my favorite discoveries has been the Voyages of She Buccaneer from Great Big Comics, that I fell in love with in the first issue.  The mini-series reaches its conclusion in this issue, and it leaves you kind of hanging.

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