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This ski mask has to be one of the most disturbing bits of clothing I’ve seen, and it can be yours for the low low price of $16.99.  While this certainly looks creepy, criminals are going to have a field day with this kind of ski mask as it makes it even harder to identify the perp. via Amazon

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Olivia MunnVideo

I don’t get the fascination everyone has with Oliva Munn.  Sure, she’s attractive, and has some geek cred, but to drool over her as the greatest, hottest, woman on the planet perplexes me.  I mean, we all know that title goes to Charisma Carpenter (followed closely by Charmane Star). Here she tries to bump Charisma out of the top spot, and win me over with her knowledge of Bones Thugs n Harmony while dressed as Sailor Moon. While she didn’t win me over this time, I’m sure she just created a new fetish for someone. via Oliva Munn

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