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Press Release

Press Release For the third week in a row, fans have flocked to their local comic book store for Angel: After the Fall! The hardcover graphic novel earned the sixth spot on The New York Times Best Seller List, marking the seventh week since the list began in March that IDW books have been ranked. “We are truly flattered that fans love Angel so much,” says IDW’s Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall. “Creator Joss Whedon and writer Brian Lynch have developed an amazing story about what happens to Angel after the TV show’s finale, and fans clearly can’t get enough.” Angel: After

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IDW Publishing

Press Release It’s a good day to be a vampire! IDW Publishing’s Angel: After the Fall Volume 1 and Volume 3 captured two of the New York Times Graphic Books Best Seller List (hardcover) top three spots, knocking Watchmen down to fourth place. “Even without a current TV show, Angel has remained a fan-favorite character,” says IDW’s Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall. “Writer Brian Lynch, working with Angel creator Joss Whedon, has really delivered an epic story that picked up from the amazing cliffhanger of the show’s finale. It’s great to see that fans like what we’re doing.”

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IDW PublishingPress Release

Press Release Experience Spike’s adventures After the Fall in this continuation of the best-selling Angel series from IDW, in stores this month. Vampire, poet, murderer, lover, hero, or soulless fiend– William The Bloody, Spike to his “friends,” has been called many things over the centuries. And now that L.A. has fallen into Hell, he may earn one more – Lord. Or possibly “dust.” It all depends on how things turn out in his immediate future… which isn’t looking too good in a city overrun by every kind of demon, monster or horrifyingly tentacled “thing” imaginable. Including Illyria, who seems to

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