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Radical PublishingReview

Orwell was right. So was Stoker, and probably Seuss too. I imagine that as my son grows older he’ll have just as wild an imagination as his father – or even more so.  I see the signs now as he plays and talks, but I wonder what would happen if imagination were outlawed?  Would I break the law so my son could hear about the adventures of Superman, fables of the tortoise and the hare, or even the monsters that lurk under the bed?  Probably.  And if I lived in the City of Dust I’d be arrested quicker than those

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Radical PublishingSneak Peek

Radical Publishing has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of City of Dust #1. Here’s how the company describes the first issue: Record show the Earth once known, was consumed by religious wars spurred by the suppression of free thought and where creative expression is now veiwed as the rot and infestation of the mind.  This chilling vision of the future unveils a world where the police now patrol for crimes of the imagination, or Mind Crimes as they are called.  Those beliefs, along with any other tales of false heroes, idols or gods, are illegal.  The world is anew

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