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From the EditorWeek in Review

Another busy week at Major Spoilers HQ, but the weekend, did give us a chance to reflect on the things that came to pass. Apparently, synchronicity is on our side, as we ended up reviewing all of the issues that appeared in the Major Spoilers Poll of the week. There are still plenty of Trolls on the Intardwebz, and they have their sites set on you — the jerk wads. Did I mention we had a crap load of reviews this week? Still no sign of a new Hero History.  And there’s a story behind that one, I’m sure. Still

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Kyle Baker posted this image of Isaiah Bradley from Baker and Morales’  Truth: Red, White & Black series.  Baker tagged the image with “For an upcoming Marvel gig”.  Could this be the answer to the big secret of Reborn #1 and Captain America #600 that has everyone in a twitter lately?  There has been a lot of speculation about a black Captain America since the first star-on-black-background image was pushed out from the House of Ideas a couple of months ago. The speculators have further claimed the July 13 early release date is also going to tie into the announcement

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