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Mike Deodata had a really great quote the other day that I wanted to share with everyone. I got an email from a young comic artist wanabee who wanted to know how old I was when I started working at Marvel, so that he could have an idea how long it would take for him to break in, as well. He was feeling already too old. He’s nineteen. I told him that age doesn’t matter. One of the worst artists I know of started at Marvel when he was 20. One of the best artists I know of — Hal

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BatmanDCFrank QuitelyGrant MorrisonReviewRobin

The second installment of Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin hit the stands today.  Now that the euphoria of the first issue has worn off, how well does this issue hold up?

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Atomic RoboRed 5 ComicsReview

The Doom that Came to Robo So here we go with the second installment of the Shadow from Beyond Time story line.  If you thought the first issue didn’t have enough of the fighty-fighty, and the laughy-laughy, then you’re going to be pleased as Punch (although without the murder and infanticide), as Robo and Charles Fort attempt to bring down the monster Lovecraft with a roadster and a couple of lightning guns.

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Today, we swing the art the other way to appease those who aren’t into hot babes in tight fitting outfits.  Dave Hover cranks out this fantastic piece of Tarzan art that pays homage to Mike Henry.

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Now here’s an interesting development For those following along with the many reviews Major Spoilers cranks out, my thoughts on Batman Confidential have been quite low as of late.  However, something strange has happened with this Legends of the Dark Knight reboot that kept the series on my pull list – a good story.

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JustSomeRandomGuy cranks out one more viral video for the New York Comic Con taking place next week.

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