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He’s back and looking to kick some Skrull ass!  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek to Deadpool #1.

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The conclusion to the first X-Force story arc is almost complete, and features Wolverine, Angel, and the rest of the X-Force battling the Purifiers.  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the issue.

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With Archangel getting his wings all changed up, readers are wanting to know what happened – to keep up with demand, Marvel has announced it is sending X-Force #5 back to press.

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Marvel Comics is really pushing its online comic initiative.  Opening up the vaults is one way to get subscribers on board, but even better is giving away digital comics for free.  The company has announced readers can head over to the Marvel site and read the Deadpool Saga free of charge on the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited site. Learn how Wade got his healing ability and became the best mercenary in the Marvel U. Did he have any love interests? Of course he did, he’s Deadpool for crying out loud! But to find out who, and the answers to many

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It was not only a big step for Scott Summers, but a similarly big step for Marvel to set up X-Force with their own book. Now, four issues in, from my side of the fence, I think their decision has been rewarded by four well done books. Granted, give me a series on Wolverine and my biases may not necessarily allow me to see clearly.

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