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Detail of a hand-colored mandala

When I was in middle school in the early ’80s, I was really into unicorns. Like, scary obsessed. My bedroom walls were covered in posters and calendar pages. It was one of the many things that separated me from my male peers. I was recently reminded of this because I had occasion to pull from a dusty and neglected section of my bookshelves a unicorn coloring book that I owned back then.

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Press Release Paper Ninja — the 3rd in the Papermade series is a title that will surprise at every turn.

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As you are sitting around the office, or waiting for your Xbox Live system to reboot for the umptenth time today, and you need something to do, why not take up papercraft? The 4Kids TV website has a whole lotta characters you can download, print, cut and paste together to make an interesting cubicle decoration or piece of art to give your significant other.  There are quite a few manga inspired creations there, plus you can download all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and Splinter too) and create your own ninjas on 20 weight.

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Dark Horse Comics

Fans of the web comic Wondermark will be able to get their hands on a physical version of the strip when Dark Horse releases a hardbound edition entitled Beards of our Fathers in June 2008. Ignatz-nominated creator David Malki crafts his unique comic strips by combining public-domain Victorian-era engravings with clever original dialogue to illustrate an often-poignant social commentary. Against the pinned-down and buttoned-up backdrop of a bygone era, Malki’s sarcastic yet sincere sense of humor adds layers of depth and lucidity to his creation, pitting classic representations against contemporary comedy. “Each comic strip is its own little world, telling

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