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The DarknessTop CowTrade Paperback

For those who have hesitated on picking up the new Darkness series, might have reason to make the jump as Top Cow announced the first trade of Darkness: Accursed will have a $4.99 price point. “Just like we did when Ron Marz first took over writing Witchblade, we want to reward longtime readers of The Darkness and at the same time entice new readers to come and check out Phil Hester’s storytelling, and you just can’t beat $4.99 for six, full-color quality issues of a comic series,” proclaimed Top Cow VP Marketing and Sales Mel Caylo in a prepared statement.

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Sneak PeekThe DarknessTop Cow

Arriving in stores today is Top Cow’s The Darkness #1-3 Raw Edition.  The company has sent Major Spoilers the entire first issue for you to check out as you head to your LCS to pick up the trade.

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