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SolicitationsZenescope Entertainment

Zenescope Entertainment has announced it is planning in-store launch events for three new titles the publisher is releasing in July and August.

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Dark Horse ComicsReview

Or – “Didn’t I Just DO One Of These?” I can’t tell if it’s a function of my tendency to be at least a week behind in my reviews (with my current schedules, I don’t usually buy my comics until Sunday afternoon, when I’m working) but it seems like I’ve been reviewing a lot of Buffy lately.  The good news is, it’s hardly a chore, as the book is humming like a well-oiled humming-thing-covered-in-oil, giving us drama, intrigue, some nice dialogue, and not skimping on the ol’ fighty-fighty, something that many comic books lately are eschewing in favor of all-singing,

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