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Atomic RoboRed 5 ComicsReview

If you thought the second volume of Atomic Robo was spinning its wheels, you might want to pick up the fifth issue and give it a read.  The Sparrow is out, Milligan is in, and Robo has to stop the greatest weapon ever developed.

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Radical PublishingSolicitations

Radical Publishing wanted to do something special for the covers of the third issues of Hercules and Caliber that hit stores in July. After a search, the company has announced British artist John Bolton will do a variant cover for Hercules: the Thracian War, with director/writer/artist Tomm Coker doing the cover for Caliber: First Canon of Justice. “Getting John Bolton and Tomm Coker respectively for Hercules and Caliber couldn’t have been a better choice.” stated Barry Levine, Radical Publishing’s President and Publisher. “John knows a thing about a character such as Hercules, having done Robert E. Howard’s Kull the Barbarian

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