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Building Critical Hit’s Assistant

James Bricknell has been a fan of Critical Hit for a long time, and really enjoys Randus Duthane (played by DnDBrian). James took it upon himself to build a model of Radnus’ robot, The Assistant, and it turned out really great!


Making a Proton Pack with Bill Doran

Bill Doran has been killing it these last couple of years as his costume and prop designs have blown up in quality and complexity. Recently, Bill had a chance to build his own Proton Pack from the Ghostbusters movie.

Cosplay Beat Down Boogie Dragon Con 2018

[Video] The Cosplayers of Dragon Con 2018

Beat Down Boogie made it to the big Dragon Con 2018 convention in Atlanta, Georgia over the Labor Day holiday, and once again captured some of the best cosplayers showing off their work. Take the jump for a look at their latest video.

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