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Ogre #1 Review
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One of the great tropes in science fiction and fantasy is the “outsider,” someone who looks on humanity from a different point of view. Star Trek had Spock, Data, Odo and The Doctor, for instance! They often helped us look at ourselves from a new perspective. In Ogre, we get to see how humans treat others, and it’s often not pretty!

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Dark Hero Studios and Pandemonium are teaming to bring the zombie comic book Deadworld, to movie theaters sometime in the future (unless of course you are reading this after the movie is already out… HELLO FUTURE PEOPLE!). “Deadworld” picks up four months after that event, where the Dead overtake the Earth, with humans few and far between. Protag is King Zombie, a Harley-riding corpse who holds a grudge against the survivors who made him an outcast. The film is expected to go into production in 2010. via Variety

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IDW PublishingPress Release

Press Release (San Diego, December 15, 2008)  Eisner Award- and Horror Guild-nominated writer/artist/gadfly Ben Templesmith has built a cult following for his humorous storytelling and edgy artwork for graphic novels, including 30 Days of Night, Fell, Wormwood,Gentleman Corpse, and, more recently, Welcome to Hoxford. In December, IDW Publishing introduces another comic in the Wormwood series—Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse: Down the Pub, One-Shot. Templesmith introduces two little-known tales from Wormwood’s past previously unpublished in comic book format, as well as an all-new story.  The book features 29 pages of beer-stained art and story.

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ReviewZenescope Entertainment

Horror updated for modern times Any fan of Lovecraft knows the tale of Dr. Herbert West, heck they even made a movie about it.  But what of those who weren’t around in 1921 and ’22, or who didn’t get the chance to see the brilliant Jeffrey Combs portray the Re-Animator in the three movies?  Zenescope Entertainment is taking the Lovecraft tale and bringing it to the modern day, complete with disgruntled doctors, reagents, and the dead come to life.

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