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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayBlack BoltMarvel

During his convention duties at the Dallas Comic Con, Yanick Paquette drew up this fabulous rendition of Black Bolt.

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We’ve had the pleasure of reading Jason Martin’s Super Real comic book, and during our convention sketch themed Art Appreciation Moment of the Day, we found Jason’s Lara Croft sketch he did for his convention sketchbook last year.

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Adam HughesartBatgirl

I think during this whole Art Appreciation Moment of the Day experiment we’ll be seeing a lot of Adam Hughes work.  Not just because I think he’s an awesome artist, or that he draws some of the most attractive women around, but that he can take those two and come up with an interesting twist that makes you smile. A Batgirl convention sketch, from MegaCon, a few weeks ago. This is the second one I had to do for Ben Defeo, as I mistakenly gave the FIRST Batgirl to someone else (who also ordered a Batgirl). That’s why there’s a

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