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Sneak PeekZenescope Entertainment

Grimm Fairy Tales #41 features the return of Mercy Dante, and considering how bad things got in her first appearance, this issue is sure to cause a few people to get riled up.  Zenescope Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peak of the issue that arrives on August 26, 2009.

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Image ComicsReview

Or – “The Breakout Character Find of 2008 (Or Possibly 2007, I Can’t Remember)…” Okay, I admit it.  One of the less-important draws (no pun intended) of this series is the wonderful work that artist Mahmud Asrar puts into female leads Slingshot and Scrap.  Aside from being well-sculpted ladies (and, DIFFERENTLY sculpted at that) our feminine protagonists have personality, in their faces, the way they move and stand, even in their subtlest body language.  So, when I heard that this issue was going to feature Scrap in (essentially) solo action, I can’t say that I was terribly disappointed.  Certainly, it’s

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