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Echinoderms.  Why’d it have to be echinoderms? You gotta love time travel.  Not only do you get to warp the universe around you to make all the bad things go away, you also get to warp the universe around you to make the good things happen.  Such is the case with the greatest hero no one has ever heard of and his Time Lord Chrononaught Time Master son.  What?  That’s a spoiler that was revealed like… three issues ago!  Oh Geez, gimme a break!  Here, put this starfish on your face, and the bad spoiler man will go away.

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Or – “These Days, The Government Agencies Always Go Bad…” Back in the day, the government agent was someone you could trust…  Dick Tracy.  Nick Fury.  King Faraday.  James Bond.  The spies were always honest, and they stopped those with ignoble or antisocial points of view, for the good of America and/or Mother Britain.  In this, the age of irony, we have seen a paradigm shift, where even Nick Fury has admitted that he’s engaged in monstrous behaviors, engaging wars, setting up innocents to be killed, and generally being a jerk.  For a couple of years now, Invincible has been

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