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Is there life on Earth and does that mythical place even exist at all? Well both those extremely important questions are answered after Troy and Dillon discover the Voyager probe floating in space and take it to Dr Zee for analysis. The path to the promised land is now clear and although Adama is considering a completely different path, the rest of the governing council decide that the not inconsiderable risk is worth taking. However nobody bothered to inform NORAD that the Galactica was on its way and the Presidents response is both swift and deadly.

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Or – “Turn And Face The Strange Ch-Ch-Changes…” One of the pitfalls of a team the size of the Legion is that certain characters tend to fall between the cracks.  Sure, we know all about guys like Mon-El, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and even Andromeda, but the backstories of others (say, Star Boy, Sun Boy, and today’s entrant) have taken literal decades to play out.  One of the most ethereal of Legionnaires, today’s subject is also one of the longest tenured, even serving three tours as Legion leader and several more as deputy.  His costume colors and varying (but always

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