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Or – “Goin’ Rogue, Over Here…” For the last few weeks, at the end of our Tuesday recording session for the Major Spoilers Podcast, Stephen has rather pointedly asked me, “You gonna do an editorial this week?”  I always answer him the same way I answer my day job boss when he asks if my team will lower their AHT, or when Deon at Gatekeeper Hobbies (Huntoon & Gage, Topeka!) asks if I’ve remembered my timesheet this week:  “Sure, that won’t be a problem…”  With the advent of Top 5, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these,

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When i was a younger lad, the first movie I got to go see by myself – the kind where your dad drops you off at the theater and says, “call me when the movies over, and I’ll come pick you up), was Disney’s Condorman. Cartoonist Woody becomes the superhero he draws. Using his gadgets he helps a Soviet spy defect to the West. It’s too bad, Disney went the comedy route with this one, because it could have been a successful franchise… at least until the Cold War ended.  Anyway, today’s Art Appreciation Moment of the Day comes from

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