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Here’s what we know about the Marc Guggenheim, Michael Green, and Greg Berlanti Green Lantern script: It will feature Hal Jordan It is “an incredibly faithful rendition of the character” The film is currently undergoing a rewrite The images by Brian Murray are reported to be concept sketches for the film, and as they have been pretty much pulled from teh Interwebs (except for Cinematical) it looks like these could be how Hal will appear If the concept sketches are to be believed, Emerald Dawn could be the storyline for the film. Even with the Emerald Dawn adaptation, I wonder

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For those of you who missed an issue or two of the four issue series The Lost Book of Eve, the trade paperback arrives in stores this week. It contains all 4 issues from the first mini-series, concept sketches, and an all new epilogue. Complete cover after the jump.

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Good news for those of you that came late to the Atomic Robo party – the series is getting its first trade this June. Take the jump for the other titles shipping from Red 5 Comics in June 2008.

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