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Archie ComicsSneak Peek

Archie Comics has sent Major Spoilers a double dose of Betty and Veronica this week.  Take the jump for a sneak peek of Betty & Veronica Digest #186 and Betty & Veronica Double Digest #163.

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Archie ComicsSolicitations

Fans of Archie Comics have cast their vote to select Cheryl Blossom’s new boyfriend, and the results are in.  For the last three issues of Betty & Veronica Double Digest, Cheryl has gone on a date with one of the fellows who stepped up to the challenge. With each new issue, Cheryl went on another date… and each date proved to have its own special challenge!  Cheryl nearly ran out of breath trying to keep up with Austin, the hunky fitness fanatic.  She did all she could to avoid pratfalls with Brandon, the klutzy computer genius.  She tried to avoid

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