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Now here’s an interesting development For those following along with the many reviews Major Spoilers cranks out, my thoughts on Batman Confidential have been quite low as of late.  However, something strange has happened with this Legends of the Dark Knight reboot that kept the series on my pull list – a good story.

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DCGreen LanternReview

Better dead than Red With the introduction of the Blue Lanterns, and the quest to rescue Sinestro on the shoulders of Hal Jordan and his two blue brothers in arms, there was bound to be a moment when there would come a conflict of interest between all the parties involved.  Green Lantern #37 sees the first major battle featuring the Lanterns of blue and the fall of yet another long time Green Lantern character.

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IDW PublishingPress ReleaseTerminator

In January, IDW Publishing debuts the comic book prequel to the next Terminator movie, Terminator: Salvation.  The movie is the fourth installment in the big screen contingent of the action series, starring Christian Bale as John Connor and directed by McG.  The movie opens in May 2009.

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Blue BeetleDCMatthew SturgesReview

I love it when a plan comes together.  Wait, there’s a plan? One of the great things about the Blue Beetle series is how the writers who have taken on the challenge of this series are able to bring the collected group of heroes together to fight a common enemy.  While the big bad doesn’t get his comeuppance in this issue, it’s good to see everyone come out of the woodwork to give aid to our favorite beetle in blue.

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DeviSneak PeekTop CowVirgin ComicsWitchblade

It’s the crossover event of the century! Ok, it may not be that, but it does mark an interesting crossover between Top Cow and Virgin Comics. Top Cow has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the series that arrives April 30, 2008.

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