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In the last several years, I’ve noticed a trend that is starting to wear on me. It’s the practice of advertising movies during the commercials of other products.

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Just Some Random Guy has posted his latest work featuring the action figures from the Marvel Universe promoting the New York City Comic Con. Why no DC Characters?  DC said no to using its figures.  Killjoys. Random Note From Random Guy: No, we’re not changing our Spider-Man action figure. We’re just complying with Marvel’s request that we not use Spider-Man action figures from the movies in these NYCC videos.

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It was a good Thanksgiving weekend for Hollywood, as the box office receipts were up from this time last year.  I was surprised to see Four Christmases at the top spot, as the commercials do nothing to make me want to see the movie. Disney’s PG rated 3D CGI film, Bolt took the number 2 spot, while vampire feature Twilight slipped to number three.

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