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Why can’t they stay dead, again? Things are heating up under that tight leather and mask everyone seems to be wearing in Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2.  The Wheel of Destiny is spinning and someone is bound to walk away with the title of Batman.  With a lot of animosity between the Wayne underlings, someone’s gonna get it right in the chest… perhaps even two somebodies. Yes, there are some spoilers ahead, but you’ll have to pick them out from my rantings.

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MarvelSneak PeekZombies

The saga that will not die (because it keeps coming back to life and eating your brains) Marvel Zombies, is back in an all new series, promising blood, thrills, and gore.  Who can prevent the carnage this time?  It looks like it could be the Midnight Sons, providing they keep a good head on their shoulders.  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers  a sneak peek of the first issue from the upcoming series.

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Major SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastMonstressPodcast

This week, we offer up another series of After Show Discussion shows. These are conversations the Major Spoilers Crew has outside of the normal show, and range from sex in comics to our favorite animated features. In this installment (recorded July 30, 2008), Stephen and Matthew talk about DC history and characters that keep dying and coming back to life again and again. From Monstress getting blowed up real good, to Black Canary getting her canary cry back, and that tricky Ra’s al Ghul. Wait for the trade or get the single issues? Stephen spells out his Writing for the

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