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Often I like to talk about local comics shops and why I frequent them. One of the biggest reasons I go is that they often offer subscription services. When I sign up for them, I usually find what I’m looking for already pulled and waiting for me when I get there. Like most everything in life, however, there are good and bad sides to this common practice.

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I remember when I thought what I’d like to be most in life was a comics store owner. After all, I could sit around all day reading and talking comics! No boring work like bagging and boarding weekly books – I could hire someone else to do all that!

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Tomorrow will be Christmas Day, so the gifts will be given, unwrapped and enjoyed. But as a comics reader, I’ve often found this holiday to be somewhat disappointing. And I’ve often spoken with other comics fans, and many of you share my problem with Christmas (or even birthdays, for that matter).

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