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Opinion Hardcover versus Softcover

COMICS PORTAL: Hardcover Versus Softcover Version

I read with interest that BOOM! Studios will be releasing a hardcover edition of the first 12 issues of Once & Future by Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora. I searched long and hard for the softcover collected edition of those issues, so why would I even consider buying the hardcover edition?


COMICS PORTAL: Anything Goes?

As we slowly find out more and more about DC’s Infinite Frontier reboot, it sounds to me like “anything goes.” And yes, I’m good with that!


COMICS PORTAL: Letting Nothing Go to Waste!

I’ve often wondered what happens to stories that are ordered but don’t see the light of day for some reason. Well, never fear! DC is about to bring some of these “untold tales” to fans through Let Them Live! on their DC UNIVERSE INFINITE online service!

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