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Liquid Comics, the salvaged part of the defunct Virgin Comics company, has announced it has signed a deal with FreemantleMedia Enterprises to develop media projects based on the company’s comic book properties. The first is “Ani-Max,” about a boy who can absorb the abilities and physical characteristics of any animal he touches. It will be developed as an animated TV show. The other, “First Family,” will be developed as a scripted drama about the teen children of a newly elected American president who try to survive in a most ruthless political arena — high school. The deal was made to

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Nineteen sixty-four was the year that we were first introduced to the ‘Man With No Name’ and over the course of three movies the wise cracking, fast killing; laconic stranger redefined the basic archetype of the traditional cowboy. The anti-hero was all the rage at the time in mainstream crime noir cinema and Sergio Leone bravely decided to try and transfer that imagery over into the Western genre. He succeed in his task so well that it encouraged his leading actor to try his hand, in nineteen seventy-two, at directing his own version of the character in the movie ‘High

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DC Universe original animated movies are created by a unique collaboration between four diverse units within the Warner Bros. family – Warner Premiere, Warner Home Video, Warner Bros Animation and, the source of the characters and many of the stories, DC Comics. Leading the charge for the latter group is Gregory Noveck, Senior Vice President, Creative Affairs for the iconic comics company, and credited as Executive in Charge of Production for DC Comics on all of the DC Universe films.

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